" Dont judge those who try and fail, judge those who fail to try "

Beginning KDevelop Programming Version 3.x

Chapter One :- Introducing KDevelop Chapter Two :- The KDE Application Chapter Three :- Common Widgets Chapter Four :- Containers And Views Chapter Five :- Database Programming With MySQL Chapter Six :- Input And Display Chapter Seven :- KDE Display Widgets Chapter Eight :- KDE Buttons And Input Chapter Nine :- KDE Containers And Views Chapter Ten :- Custom Widgets Chapter Eleven :- Events Chapter Twelve :- Drawing Chapter Thirteen :- Global Information and Configuration Files Chapter Fourteen :- A Simple Editor Application


Appendix A :- Upgrading KDevelop



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Appendix A

Upgrading KDevelop

The initial project files for this book were written using Suse 10 and this was used as the development environment for the simple reason that I'm not prepared to re test every bit of code for every single point release of Suse. However as my development machine has just had a complete hardware meltdown, there have been some changes. The main one being a shiny Samsung R700 to use as a dedicated Linux programming environment. So the current development is taking place on openSuse 10.3 until openSuse 11 is released and then there will be another upgrade.

As some people have noticed the later versions of openSuse are not compatible, in fact projects written in Suse 10 will not compile on later versions of openSuse.

If you try you get something like this.

There is a simple way around this, it's just a matter of getting KDevelop to recognise that you are using an older project file. As an example I am using a copy of the ChapterTwelveMainWindow project. To update the project select the project menu,.

and you'll notice that the fourth item down on the list is the Import Existing Project wizard. Select this and you'll get a dialog.

The dialog for the wizard is quite straight forward you choose the directory for the project, which in this case is AppendixA/chaptertwelvemainwindow, once you select the directory the wizard will search it for project files. Then choose the project type. All the projects for this manual have been KDE C++ Application's.

Hit O.K. and you'll get the dialog,

Just click O.K. and open the Automake Manager for the newly opened project. Right click on the project name and select Make Target Active.

Now before you do anything else delete the debug directory for the project. This may not always be strictly necessary but it will ensure a complete new completely clean build of the project. If you hit build you'll get

this dialog just hit Run configure and let it go. At this point it should build fine and then if you run you'll get,