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Beginning KDevelop Programming Version 3.x

Chapter One :- Introducing KDevelop Chapter Two :- The KDE Application Chapter Three :- Common Widgets Chapter Four :- Containers And Views Chapter Five :- Database Programming With MySQL Chapter Six :- Input And Display Chapter Seven :- KDE Display Widgets Chapter Eight :- KDE Buttons And Input Chapter Nine :- KDE Containers And Views Chapter Ten :- Custom Widgets Chapter Eleven :- Events Chapter Twelve :- Drawing Chapter Thirteen :- Global Information and Configuration Files Chapter Fourteen :- A Simple Editor Application


Appendix A :- Upgrading KDevelop



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Beginning KDevelop Programming is an independent project developed soley by pseudonym67. It is an attempt to bring a Windows style programming manual to Linux, following the Windows philosophy that the programmer does not need to know everything about the operating system in order to be able to program on it. Therefore if you can access a version of KDE 3.x, regardless of Linux flavour then you should find this project useful

Having said that I should point out that it was developed using Suse Linux and therefore you may have to translate some parts of the project whatever flavour of Linux you are using. This should however, only occur during setup instructions and not within any of the code discussions

This project does not go into detail about the KDE Source though some references are obviously made as we are using the KDE libraries for our development but it will hopefully provide a reasonable starting point for people who wish to contribute to the KDE Project at a later date.

Finally this project aims to be a good starting point for people who wish to write their own applications that run as either as their own projects or as a part of the KDE environment.


June 08 :- Published Database Programming With MySQL in the CodeProject website that now has a Linux section. This article is a updated version of Chapter 5. As openSuse 11.0 does not contain KDevelop4 I will be writing articles on CodeProject for the immeadiate future. Also published Anatomy Of A Simple KDE Application

June 08 :- Chapter Fourteen - A Simple Editor Application. The final update for the version 3.x

April 08 :- Appendix A Ugrading KDevelop A Quick tutorial on using the KDevelop wizard to convert a project from Suse 10 to openSuse 10.3 and Bibliography ( pdf only )

March 08 :- Chapter Thirteen - Global Information and Configuration Files

January 08 :- Chapter Twelve - Drawing

August 07 :- Chapter Eleven - Events

July 07 :- Chapter Ten - Custom Widgets

May 07

Future Progress

Putting together some articles for Code Project, to a large extent these will be based on material on this site but will include new things that are planned for version 4.x


Copyright (c) 2006 by pseudonym67. This material may be distributed only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Open Publication License, vX.Y or later (the latest version is presently available at http://www.opencontent.org/openpub/)